The Best Of Gramma Evelyn. A Movie Montage

5 Responses to “The Best Of Gramma Evelyn. A Movie Montage”

  1. Doreen Gillet says:

    Rick – this was fantastic!! Thank u for sharing!! Your mom is so right.. not one Politician who’s honest.. !!! xoxoxo.

  2. Joan Schlecter Gruskin says:

    I can’t get over it! Rick your Mom looks the same as I remember her 30+ years ago! She’s great. We need to get her to straighten out the politicians. Really enjoyed this. Thanks.

  3. Im glad you enjoyed this Joan!

  4. […] love my Grandmother Evelyn, simply through this blog. You’ve seen her photos, you’ve laughed at her video’s, and you’ve read her stories. She was an extraordinary woman. I am blessed to have had her in […]

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